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Introducing the Magellan Lakewood 10-person tent, designed to provide you and your fellow adventurers with a remarkable camping experience. Step into a world of spacious comfort as you explore the great outdoors.

With its unique screened porch entry, this tent offers the perfect balance of fresh air and protection from insects. The mesh panels on the roof, along with 8 mesh windows, ensure optimal ventilation, keeping the interior cool and breezy even on warm summer days. Plus, the floor vent promotes excellent airflow throughout the tent, enhancing your overall comfort.

Designed to accommodate up to 10 people, the Magellan Lakewood tent features a generous 7.5-foot center height, allowing you to move around freely without feeling cramped. Say goodbye to inconvenient entries with its 2 doors, providing easy access and hassle-free movement in and out of the tent.

To further enhance your camping experience, this tent comes equipped with a room divider, allowing you to create separate living spaces for added privacy or organization. Whether you're spending quality time with family and friends or seeking solitude in the great outdoors, the Magellan Lakewood 10-person tent has you covered.

Rent the Magellan Lakewood 10-person tent today and embark on an unforgettable camping adventure. Discover the perfect blend of space, convenience, and comfort as you create lasting memories in nature's embrace.

Note: This product is available for rental only.

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